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MDO Property provides many benefits to investors seeking well-researched investment opportunities, regular tax effective income, transparent management and a responsible risk profile. The advantages of MDO Property include:

  • Direct ownership access to a range of both institutional and non-institutional grade property assets
  • Participation in assets with the principal as co-owner, ensuring a commitment to investor return
  • Quarterly tax effective income distributions paid from secure predictable cash flows
  • A significant opportunity for capital growth
  • A risk return profile 100% correlated to the underlying asset
  • Simple and transparent investment management strategies, disclosed prior to the acquisition of the asset
  • Conservative debt structures
  • Investor discretion to build a diversified portfolio of direct ownership assets
  • Competitive and transparent management fee structure

MDO Property uses an Independent Investment Committee to provideĀ investors with a broad base of property industry experience in the investment, development, and divestment decision-making process.